Selected Clients

Eric helped Thomson Reuters research and plan a new intranet and communications hub serving its global workforce of 60,000 employees and contractors.


While at Ricoh Innovations, Jessica developed a model for replicating successful non-profits and small businesses based on recreating the development of their intangible assets in advance of their ability to be financially self-sustaining.


Winged Pigs assessed and developed internal processes at Reframe It while generating proposals and planning programs for several implementations for government and enterprise customers.


At HIP Investor, Winged Pigs led strategic initiatives for high wealth clients to determine how to evaluate social impact so that they can build portfolios that include social ventures and more traditional investments. They also created an online assessment to help companies understand how well they fit into the "Health, Wealth, Earth, Equality, Trust" dimensions at the impact investment advisor, HIP Investor.


Eric advised Togetherville during its initial product definition and planning stages and then served as Director of Applications (and employee #1) after first-round funding. Togetherville was acquired by Disney Interactive in February 2011.


Eric created and implemented the social media outreach plan for KnowledgeWorks and managed its Future of Learning program.


At Katzenbach Partners (now part of Booz and Company,) Eric designed interfaces for marketing and sales portals for Pfizer's intranet and oversaw a third-party development company's efforts to build and implement those portals.
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