Services for Investors

Investors’ portfolios typically contain some underperforming companies and some companies that are growing quickly. We know that good investors have a sense of responsibility towards their portfolio companies’ leadership as well as their investment partners, yet it’s difficult and time-consuming to address the internal organizational issues that can derail startups.

For Underperforming Organizations

Winged Pigs suggests a four-hour facilitated discussion with the C-level team that fleshes out perceived barriers to growth. We will interview stakeholders, plan the discussion, facilitate the meeting, analyze the results, and produce a report for participants and investors that suggests forward-looking changes to break through those barriers.

This four-hour assessment plus report typically costs $2500.

For Fast-Growing Organizations

Winged Pigs suggests individual interviews of C-levels about the challenges they perceive within their own responsibility areas, as well as discussions with key individuals and groups. This Asynchronous 360 leads to recommendations focused on building operational scalability, such as:

This service ranges in price depending upon the size and complexity of an organization. Contact us for pricing.

Custom Services

Alternatively, if known issues need to be addressed, we can arrange a different type of consultation.


Winged Pigs is committed to the health of communities and we offer discounts for social ventures and 501(c)3 non-profits.

Winged Pigs also offers free one-hour consultations to non-profits.
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